Person-centred care

A patient in one of our hospitals can provide feedback on their care and treatment through an electronic patient experience tracker; an older frail person needing support will have the services they require “tailor made” to their needs; a family in crisis will be individually assessed, with a plan jointly developed to help them get through the crisis.  This is what person-centred care is all about.  

UnitingCare Queensland aims to be a leader in person centred care and service which, in simple terms, acknowledges each person as an individual - recognising and respecting their views about how best to meet their needs.

Our Quality Committee supports the organisation to be a leader in person-centred care and service. Our Quality Management Framework provides a structure to improve service quality across the whole of UnitingCare Queensland including Blue Care, UnitingCare Health and UnitingCare Community.  

People are at the centre of everything we do.

Person-centred care UnitingCare Qld

Outcomes and experience

We are committed to understanding the outcomes our services deliver for our patients and clients. We also want to know whether our clients and patients had a positive experience when receiving our care.

Patient and client outcomes and experiences are measured by answering the following:

  • Were people safe?
  • Did they receive appropriate and effective care and service?
  • Did our services make a positive difference to their lives?

Patient and client experience is measured according to more subjective criteria of whether our clients and patients had a positive experience overall when receiving our care and service.

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