Harry’s ​story

  • Name Harry
  • Location Brisbane

“I wanted to get a job so I could be independent.” – Harry

Harry is a big believer in the idea that being independent and contributing to society makes you a happier, more fulfilled person. It’s one of the reasons he was determined to find a job – and why he refused to let his intellectual impairment prevent him from achieving his goal. Harry explains: “I was stuck in a little hole, like a little pencil case. I said to myself: ‘OK Harry, it’s time for you to get out there and do what you want.’ ”

“Harry can do anything he sets his mind to. He just has to believe in himself.”

Finding the right job involved hard work, perseverance and plenty of initiative on Harry’s part. His support worker Tabitha said: “We didn’t have much luck for about six months, so Harry suggested a cleaning course. Now he has this job and he’s happy – he’s always laughing and he feels like he’s contributing to society.”

The pair also developed a strategy to build Harry’s confidence and get him more involved in the local community through public speaking engagements. “It was so good for me,” Harry said. “I just went up there and had fun – it was awesome.”

Since finding his independence and becoming more active in the community, Harry’s self-esteem has soared, too. “I love my job very much. I’m just so happy there. The future for me is to keep on working, keep on doing the things I love... like everybody else.”

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