Sharon’s ​story

  • Name Sharon
  • Location Gatton

“I can do anything I hope to.” — Sharon

Sharon was an accomplished young showjumper and equestrian rider until a car accident left her with an acquired brain injury and physical disabilities at the age of 16.

“There’s always going to be a way. It might not be the easiest way – but it’ll be Sharon’s way.”

Sharon didn’t think she would ever be able to ride again. But now, decades later, she has rekindled her love of horses and gained the confidence to get back in the saddle – an achievement she says was made possible by her UnitingCare lead practitioner, Caroline.

Caroline explains: “Three years ago, Sharon was very quiet and didn’t really speak out. We really wanted Sharon to find her courage and tell us what she wanted, so we talked about what her goals were. She told us it was horseriding.”

While researching places for Sharon to ride and interact with her beloved horses, the pair continued with Sharon’s daily exercises to improve her leg strength. Soon enough, Sharon was back where she belonged. “It was a real heart-melt moment to see her up there and the smile on her face was amazing,” says Caroline of seeing Sharon on horseback for the first time.

For Sharon, it was both a victory and an important turning point – one that has empowered her to redefine what she’s capable of.

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